Special COVID Related Notice for 2020 Tournament

To all coaches, players, and families in the Long Island Soccer Classic tournament September 12-13, 2020.

Acceptance to the tournament means that all coaches, players, and spectators will comply with all COVID and tournament rules.

We needed to modify the rules for the safety of all. We are not adding these rules to make it difficult for anybody, we just want to get some soccer played. Please check longislandsoccerclassic.com prior to the tournament to make sure there are no additional changes.

Coaches, please bring ICE, FIRST AID KIT, and GAME BALLS. Due to COVID, we are unable to supply these items.

  1. All attendees having or displaying any symptoms of illness (including but not limited to: coughing, persistent sneezing, headaches, fever) the day before or either of the days of the tournament may not attend or participate in the tournament unless they have a medical note clearing them to participate.
  2. Any attendee who has been to, or has been in direct contact with anyone who has been to, a state listed on NY State's quarantine list 2 weeks prior, may not attend or participate in the tournament.
  3. There will be signs posted in highly visible locations, including restrooms, with any directions regarding entrances and exits. Please promote protective measures and "Stop The Spread" of germs by properly washing hands and properly wearing a  face covering.
  4. All players are limited to one ("1") guest/parent etc. at the tournament. This does NOT mean 1 guest and 1 parent.
  5. NO Tents are permitted except field marshall tent.
  6. Each attendee must wear a mask at all times except when playing, inside the bathroom, eating/drinking, or if one has a verified health condition. If there is a medical reason why a mask cannot be worn, we ask you to stand by the corner flags prior to and during the game. Tournament committee members will be circulating throughout the venue, gently reminding attendees of this throughout the tournament.
  7. All players must have their own hand sanitizer, equipment/sufficient supply of water. Players may not share hand sanitizer, water/equipment.
  8. Attendees may not walk around the venue while eating/drinking and not wearing a mask.
  9. Most locations have restrooms/portapotties available; please follow social distancing rules.
  10. Please use garbage pails, nobody wants to clean your mess.
  11. Any attendee who tests positive for COVID within the 14 days following their participation in/attendance at the tournament, they must immediately notify the Long Island Soccer Classic Tournament Director via email at director@longislandsoccerclassic.com , so he can notify the teams that person played against.
  12. Unfortunately, NO vendors will be at the tournament this year as we are trying to limit the number of people to conform with COVID guidelines.
  13. We are unable to have EMTs at each location. Please make sure you bring first aid kits.
  14. U13-U19 games will play 2 halves of 28 minutes (instead of 30 minutes) so the last games can be finished before sun down.

  1. Teams will check-in online prior to the event to avoid the need for check-in areas. Please upload all required documents and follow instructions described on the Manage Team page at longislandsoccerclassic.com
  2. The coach should confirm on game day that nobody has symptoms. Players with symptoms are NOT PERMITTED to PLAY/ ATTEND.
  3. NO score postings, such as "standings boards" will be available at the fields. All results will be online.
  4. Each team will be on opposite sides of the field if possible, and each team's spectators will sit on the same side of the field as their team. Spectators should not be behind the team/bench area, which will be 15 feet of space, with midfield as the center point; they must be to the right or left of the team bench. NOTE: if the field does not have enough space for players and spectators, then the spectators should be on opposite sides of the center line.
  5. Teams and spectators cannot enter the bench area until the teams from the prior match have completely vacated the area. Be ready to play immediately, as we have a 5-minute break scheduled between each game in order to finish before sunset.
  6. Any balls kicked out of bounds are NOT to be handled by spectators with their hands. If possible, please gently kick the ball back toward the player; if that is not possible please allow clearance for the player to retrieve the ball and throw it in.
  7. NO CONTACT (includes handshakes or hi-fives) after the games. Coaches should say "good game" and that's it. No LINEUPs with the other team AT ALL.
  8. Attendees should leave the field and return to their cars immediately after each game is played and wait until the next game they're supposed to play. This will help reduce any contact between attendees.
  9. Awards will be handed to the coach after the last game. We ask that the coach distribute the awards at a later time.
  10. The game ball is to be supplied by the home team.
  11. Any resistance to following these rules may result in the attendee being politely asked to leave the premises. There will not be a debate with non-compliant attendees. The Tournament Committee has the right to cancel any game if attendees are not following the tournament or the above rules.

These are challenging times. We hope that you are able to have a good time this weekend. Enjoy all!!!!

Thank you for your cooperation and participation and best of luck in the tournament.