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If you cannot find the answer to your question on this page, we suggest that you click on the Rules tab on the top of this page, or otherwise email director@longislandsoccerclassic.com

Format (incl
Max RosterGuest PlayersBall
1st & 2nd
FeeSchedule & LocationReferees
U820153 on Sat Only2 x 20 minutes6 v 61224Trophy$295TBD by 8/171 CR
U920142 Sat + 2 Sun2 x 25 minutes7 v 71434Trophy$545TBD by 8/171 CR
U1020132 Sat + 2 Sun2 x 25 minutes7 v 71434Trophy$545TBD by 8/171 CR
U1120122 Sat + 2 Sun2 x 25 minutes9 v 91834Trophy$575TBD by 8/171 CR
U1220112 Sat + 2 Sun2 x 25 minutes9 v 91834Trophy$575TBD by 8/171 CR
U1320102 Sat + 2 Sun2 x 30 minutes11 v 112245Medal & Shirt$745TBD by 8/171 CR + 2 ARs
U1420092 Sat + 2 Sun2 x 30 minutes11 v 112245Medal & Shirt$745TBD by 8/171 CR + 2 ARs
U1520082 Sat + 2 Sun2 x 30 minutes11 v 112245Medal & Shirt$745TBD by 8/171 CR + 2 ARs
U1620072 Sat + 2 Sun2 x 30 minutes11 v 112245Medal & Shirt$745TBD by 8/171 CR + 2 ARs
U1720062 Sat + 2 Sun2 x 30 minutes11 v 112245Medal & Shirt$745TBD by 8/171 CR + 2 ARs
U1820052 Sat + 2 Sun2 x 30 minutes11 v 112245Medal & Shirt$745TBD by 8/171 CR + 2 ARs
U1920042 Sat + 2 Sun2 x 30 minutes11 v 112245Medal & Shirt$745TBD by 8/1\1 CR + 2 ARs

What age group will my team play in the tournament?

After August 1 all age groups change to the new soccer season's age group, and since this tournament is after August 1, your team will play in the age group they'll be during the upcoming fall season.

How do I determine my age group for this tournament?

We follow the USSF guidelines by using January 1 - December 31 age groups, aka birth year.

When will the schedules be posted?

No later than Wednesday, August 17, 2022. This is due to the complexity of attempting to accommodate coaches with multiple teams and any time constraints some teams have. We do our best to accommodate requests but just can't guarantee them. We hope you understand.

Where are the games played?

All 4 games will be played at one of the following locations: Sachem, Smithtown, or West Islip. The location will be determined during the time of scheduling to accommodate as many requests, such as coaches with multiple teams, as possible. We will make every effort to try to schedule coaches with multiple teams at the same location. All your team's games will be played at the same venue.

What time will the games be played?

Because scheduling is a complex task with many coaches entering multiple teams, and certain time restrictions, we do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible. However, keep in mind they're requests. If you do have a time restraint, please make sure you enter it in the comments or email us, and we'll do our utmost best to work with you. If we can't work it out for you, we'll issue a refund. Due to the multiple requests, we usually complete our scheduling, which will tell you what time the games will be, about a week prior to the tournament.

When is the application deadline?

Our application deadline is July 31, 2022 August 6, 2022. We will consider applications entered after the deadline. Should we have a few brackets that need a team to complete it, we reserve the right to consider those teams past the deadline. To ensure consideration, make sure you apply ASAP. The tournament committee reserves the right to decline a team.

How do I add/delete players on my team's roster?

  1. Visit GotSoccer.com and click on the Login link in the top right corner. 
  2. Click the Login link under the Teams and Team Official section. Log into your team account using the same credentials when your team applied. 
  3. Once logged in, click on the Roster tab in the submenu bar. 
  4. Select the Long Island Soccer Classic from the pull-down menu just under View by Event/Registration. 
  5. Click on the Register New Player button to add players to your roster.
    To delete a player already on your roster, click the player's name and you'll have an option to delete that player from your roster on the next page.

Can I bring guest players?

You are permitted to bring a maximum of 4 guest players for U13 and older and a maximum of 3 guest players for U9 through U12, and a maximum of 2 guest players for U8, as long as you can provide proof of date of birth, by either supplying a player pass (US Club or USYSA or another local league) or a birth certificate. Keep in mind that guest players count towards your maximum roster size.

Can my team still play if we haven't received our player passes yet?

Playing in LIJSL? Log into your SI Play account and click on the green Team Website button. On your team's page, click on Print Passes at the bottom in the left column. That will create a PDF file you can upload.

We accept digital player passes on site as well, or you can bring a birth certificate for every player whose player pass you don't have (yet). Make sure you upload/bring your official roster, so we can verify that those players belong on your team rather than are guest players (which are limited in number).

What day is registration night for the coaches?

To make it easier for coaches, we've eliminated registration night. Instead, you may choose to check-in online by uploading all required documents no later than the Sunday before the tournament. If you do not upload all documents for all players by the deadline, you'll need to show up at least 45 minutes prior to your first game to check in your team at the registration table at your venue.

What documentation is required?

You have the option to

(a) bring all required documents to the check-in desk on game day at least 45 minutes prior to your first game 


(b) save yourself time on game day and upload all required documents online (no later than the Sunday before the tournament, as we need time to verify all those documents). 

You'll need to provide the following documents:

  1. Players' passes or birth certificates 
  2. Team roster (printed from your league software), your GotSoccer roster or fill in a blank roster form (found on the Forms page)
  3. Medical release forms (which do not need to be notarized)
You cannot upload some players' documents and bring the rest. Either all players' documents can be uploaded before the cut off date or you can bring all documents to the check-in desk. 

If you choose to upload the required documents, please follow the steps below:
  1. Log into your GotSoccer TEAM account with your credentials (at https://www.gotsport.com/asp/users/login_menu.asp)
  2. Click on the Long Island Soccer Classic tournament
  3. Click on the Documents tab
  4. Upload the following documents (1) roster, (2) player passes or birth certificates, (3) medical release forms
  5. Once completed, click the Notify button to make the tournament director aware that you've uploaded your documents

Do you have no header rules for certain age groups?

We adhere to the initiative the USSF issued, and therefore all age groups U11 and under are not permitted to intentionally head the ball. For more information on rules, please check the Rules link at the top of this page.

Is this a patch exchange tournament?

Teams have the option to exchange patches if they'd like, but it is not required. We suggest that you check with your opposing coach.

Do we have to pay referee fees on the field?

No, your entry fee includes referee fees. Referees are provided by LISRA.

What are the COVID-19 related protocols?

Please refer to the protocols as outlined by our sanctioning bodies (LIJSL, ENYYSA) at lijsoccer.com/return-to-play-responsibilities